CoilART Blazar MTL Starter Kit Review

Well, I’m proposing to close the news section for today with a rather interesting set. He got out from the pen of CoilART and turned out to be rather hospitable. Let’s get acquainted. 

With the release, not everything is clear – so on the official website of the manufacturer I did not find it, as I did not find new items in any online stores. But in the official store of the manufacturer, the novelty was already drawn, however, information about it was frankly jammed. We will be content with what I managed to dig. 

Dimensions: 98 x 24mm (whale fully) 
Weight: unknown 
Case material: stainless steel + resin 
Power: 1 x 18350 
Chipset: unknown 
Voltage range: 3.0 – 4.2V
Operating mode: POWER
Supported resistance: 0.15 – 3.0Ω
Protection: against low / high resistance, against overheating, against short circuit, against incorrect polarity
Connector type: steel 510, pin is gold-plated, spring-loaded
Color: see photo below
Blazar RTA 

Case material: stainless steelAtomizer
type: RTA
Capacity: 2ml
Diameter: 24mm
Height: unknown
Connector: 510, gold-plated pin
Weight: unknown
Color: dark and steel

– BLAZAR mod
– Blazar RTA
– spare glass 
– spare parts 
– user manual 
– warranty card The set 

came out quite small and neat. The decor is restrained – except that the logo at the base of the mod, and colored plums directly on the pipe mode. Dimensions are relatively small, probably to save on this moment would not work anymore. The color scheme is not bad – so the developers offer three options with color plums and a couple of classic designs.
The serviced cigarette holder was not given a particularly good look at us, however, certain conclusions can be drawn now. The drip type is probably removable, landing is 510th. Sliding lid, with child protection. The capacity is average, most likely, its increase is not provided. Point airflow adjustment – in total, six air inlets of various diameters are provided. The deck is two-post, the fixation of the spiral is correct, blowing the bottom – a small nozzle at the bottom of the deck. Its diameter is unknown.
The mod is directly powered by batteries of size 18350. The connector is non-hybrid, immediately below it is the control chipset. Right there, in the upper part, there is a small fire button. Access to the battery compartment from the bottom – screw cap. In addition, its base is on a threaded “stroke” – thus blocking the contact is achieved. Probably, the developers have nevertheless provided for a relief key for these purposes on its reverse side. 
The price is about $ 80.

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Now It’s Available: CoilART Blazar MTL Starter Kit
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Sense Orbit TF Vape Pod System Kit Review

Sense has released the Orbit TF Pod System Kit. Egoshka supports three operating modes, is equipped with two types of replaceable evaporators and is powered by a 1100 mAh battery.

On April 13, Sense introduced the starter kit, the Orbit TF Pod System Kit, on its Facebook page  . The device received a rectangular zinc case with a smooth silhouette and plastic lining, available in six different color variations. The upper platform of the removable cartridge was equipped with a long mouthpiece and a sliding refill lid, on the sides made a couple of windows to control the liquid in the tank. A round fire button was installed on the narrow side, a micro-USB port and a small indicator sent to the end.

You can work in three modes – soft, normal and hard, their parameters and differences, unfortunately, are not specified. Resistance varies from 0.5 to 3.0 ohms. The built-in battery has a reserve of 1100 mAh and requires about an hour and a half to fully charge. The magnetic cartridge has an increased capacity of 3 ml and uses interchangeable evaporators for operation, the standard set provides two options – “grid” and “spiral”, at 23 and 12 watts, respectively.

The package includes two evaporators, a micro-USB cable and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Size – 79.3 by 45.5 by 18.6 mm
  • Weight – 86.2 g
  • Built-in 1100 mAh battery
  • Tank volume – 3 ml
  • Three modes
  • Top dressing

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Now It’s Available: Sense Orbit TF Vape Pod System Kit
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Smok RPM40 Vape Pod System Kit Review

Right after POD methods made an appearance around the vape marketplace, many vapers modified their mindset to vaping and began to switch to them en masse, leaving behind package mods, a tank and drips dusting at home over a shelf. Such a desire is very natural because it is far away from always convenient to carry a “two-jar” mod with a big atomizer, and even having a bottle of water in addition. And considering the truth that several vapers are former smokers who require pure nicotine regardless, the POD system has developed into actual salvation – just fill a large durability salt nicotine in it, consider a couple of puffs and saturate your body with smoking. But the truth that vapers cannot fully manage the operating modes of POD systems is actually a minus. And Smok made a decision to resolve this minus by introducing a symbiosis of the container mod and POD systems – RPM 40 Pod Mod Set. This product is really a cross between an AIO program and a tiny box mod. It’s hard to say whether vapers will enjoy such a novelty, but the reality that the unit turned out to be interesting and initial is a fact.

Basic details

SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit is actually a small package mod designed with a reasonably effective built-in battery power and an effective chipset which uses the traditional POD water evaporation system. This is not to say the new device has a very miniature dimension, but it is designed with a battery of sufficiently big capacity, that can permit the vaper to get substantial autonomy. The authentic form factor is actually a square device in cross-area, but its ergonomics are in the greatest stage. The existence of your incorporated LQ-R chipset as well as a small shade show will permit the vaper to select the optimum energy of the gadget independently. The large-capability cartridge was created to work with the evaporators from the Nord and RPM range, letting you easily pick a mix of flavor and bulk with no problems. You can buy SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit in eight colors – gray, purple and black


Given that the SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit is not just a POD program, but a much more functional and successful product, the programmers from the company made a decision to prepare it properly. In a branded box the vaper waits for:

-Boxing mod RPM40 Product

-4.3 ml RPM Regular Pod cartridge with pre-put in RPM Mesh4ohm Coil vaporizer

-4.5 ml Nord Pod RPM cartridge with pre-setup Nord DC6ohm Coil vaporizer

-USB cable tv for asking

-User’s handbook.

RPM40 Device Box Mod

The fact that at some point among the producers will present a POD-method by which you will have the functionality of your regular package mod was quite expected. And the fact that Smok was the first to do that, too, because it is not in vain that they have extended kept major positions on the market. The RPM40 Device box mod seems like a normal lower-energy box mod created for use with cig puff atomizers, but, needless to say, it is not equipped with a traditional 510-m connector.

The small dimensions of the mod and a rather original form aspect (in cross area the unit is made in the form of an sq .) allow it to be easy to use. And the use of “a la carbon” inserts within the style is not going to allow the device to slip out, even if you carry it with damp hands.

Power RPM40 Device varies between 1-40 watts and is supplied by a built-in battery with a capability of 1500 mAh.Charging the battery is carried out traditionally – using a micro-USB connector situated at the end of the device. The charging current is .88A so that you can charge the battery in two several hours.

Specific focus in the RPM40 Gadget should get the actual existence of the LQ-R chipset with an activation duration of .001 seconds, which is a superb indicator for this kind of device. Naturally, the product just has one running setting – the varivatt, but simultaneously, the vaper can independently choose the optimal strength for this.

Yet another plus is actually a little color show, on that, you can find all the details necessary for the vaper – operating energy, evaporatoropposition and voltage, number of puffs, battery cost level.

Cartridges, functions, and evaporators of use

At SMOK, it had been clearly made a decision to make the new device as versatile as you can, which is why it was originally built with two replacements running on different evaporators. If you think the maker, soon there may also be a maintained base for your SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit.

Depending on the preferences of the vaper, you can utilize the RPM Normal Pod and RPM Nord Pod toner cartridges, the main difference of which is not really even during various quantities (4.3 and 4.5 ml), nevertheless in the sort of evaporators used. The viper can use the RPM or Nord series among which you may choose choices of various opposition and based upon various home heating factors.

Whatever the kind of ink cartridge chosen, refilling is the same – a small silicone plug opens around the side area, right after which you can safely fill out 4.3 or 4.5 ml of liquid.

It really is really worth noting that airflow control will not be provided, but simultaneously atmosphere runs to the evaporators from under, and so the vaper will get a great taste exchange.

Findings and impressions One of many vapers, having observed the SMOK RPM 40 Pod Mod Kit, will say that this can be total nonsense and also the device is somehow odd – “nedomod” and “perepod”, but concurrently several vapers will appreciate the device’s performance. The selection of evaporators, energy, and simplicity of use will bribe many.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Lack of airflow adjustment;
  • Weak charging current.


  • Original design;
  • Substantial autonomy;
  • Company board;
  • Power adjustment;
  • Color display;
  • Ease of use and configuration;
  • Two types of cartridges for various evaporators;
  • Large selection of evaporators;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Good taste.

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Now It’s Available: Smok RPM40 Vape Pod System Kit 
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Dovpo Peaks Vape Pod System Kit Review

Dovpo has released its Peaks Pod Kit. The compact device was stylized as a petrol lighter and endowed with two modes of operation for different types of evaporators.

On July 23, Dovpo presented the Peaks Pod Kit in the all-in-one set instagram  . The device is implemented in the form of a gasoline lighter with a hinged lid. The basis for the oval body made zinc alloy. The ends were perforated with small windows to control the fluid, and also generously decorated with original prints with the images of crosses and skulls. Apparently, alternative variations have not been made. Ignition buttons on the case are not provided, limited to the adjustment key with a small dot of the indicator in the lower part of the narrow facade. The center of the semicircular bottom occupied USB Type-c port. The loop of the lid is combined with a strap mount.

There are two modes of operation – 8 and 15 watts, in addition, there is a pre-heating function, activated by pressing the switch button four times. The cartridge holds 2 ml, refills on top and works with replaceable evaporators. The standard set provides options on the grid and ceramics with a resistance of 1.4 and 0.8 Ohms, respectively. The integrated battery has a capacity of 650 mAh, charging is carried out with a current of 0.65A. Activation – when tightening.

The device comes with two evaporators, a strap, a USB cable and instructions.

Main characteristics:

  • Size – 89.8 by 39 by 18.4 mm
  • Built-in 650 mAh battery
  • Power – 8/15 watts
  • Evaporator resistance – 0.8 / 1.4 ohm
  • Tank capacity – 2 ml
  • Top dressing


Constructed from zinc-Alloy material and flip-cover

Powered by 650mAh internal battery with a long lifespan

The pod capacity is up to 2ml to meet the daily use

Two coil types for your options to meet diverse demands

Available in two power output for your options

Package Included:

1 * Peaks Device

1 * Peaks Pod(2ml)

1 * 0.8Ω Mesh Coil

1 * 1.4Ω Ceramic Coil

1 * USB Type-C Charging Cable

1 * Lanyard

1 * User Manual


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Now It’s Available: Dovpo Peaks Vape Pod System Kit
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