Smoant Karat Vape Pod Kit Review

The appearance of salt nicotine and liquids based on it on the vap market made a small “revolution”, as it not only changed the vapors’ taste preferences, but also required the appearance of new devices. Naturally, such devices began to appear almost immediately – these are closed-type systems or POD-systems, the main feature of which is not abundant vaporization, but the most rapid delivery of nicotine to the body. In order to find a niche in this market segment, almost all manufacturers began to produce such systems, somehow trying to surprise users with functionality or design. The Smoant developers managed to simultaneously combine both the functionality and the original design in the Karat POD system, which sits nicely in the hand, equipped with an innovative quartz evaporator and a quite decent battery.

General information

Karat Pod Kit by Smoant is a fairly overall POD system made of metal, equipped with a built-in battery and working on replaceable cartridges in which quartz evaporators are installed. Designers of the company did not make a miniature system, paying more attention to appearance, but do not think that the system is very large – it fits perfectly in hand. The use of quartz evaporators allows not only to maximize the taste of the liquid, but also significantly prolongs the life of the cartridge. The company Smoant offers a device in five colors, both classical and bright colors – bronze blue, black, steel-gray, rainbow and blue gradient.


It is fair to say that waiting for something unusual from the POD system is stupid, since it is already one of the simplest variants of vape devices. Therefore, in the box you can find only:

  • Karat Pod Kit;
  • USB cable;
  • User manual in several languages.

Appearance and design

The very name of Karat Pod Kit by Smoant hints at how the device belongs to the jewelry theme. It is therefore not surprising that it is made in the form of some kind of faceted crystal or precious stone. It is difficult to say at once who exactly the device is designed for, as the design is rather ambiguous, but at the same time 100% eye-catching. Taking into account the fact that color performances are diverse, you can get a device that not only allows you to float liquids based on salt nicotine, but also becomes a full-fledged element of style and image.

It cannot be said that the Karat Pod Kit by Smoant is different in its miniature size – it is much larger than “felt-tip pens” or “thermometers,” but at the same time it fits perfectly in the hand, both in male and female. This device is made of zinc alloy with plastic inserts, because of which its weight is rather big, but not critical.

The built-in 370 mAh battery allows (as the manufacturer claims) to make 220 full puffs with a full charge without loss of taste, which is good enough for such a device. Charging is performed using a micro-USB connector located on the side of the device. An important feature of charging is that it is 0.5A and the battery is fully charged in an hour and a half. 

Evaporator and features of use

In Karat Pod Kit by Smoant, replaceable cartridges are used, which is quite natural for such devices. But, in contrast to evaporators from other manufacturers that use cantal or nichrome as a heating element, Karat uses quartz heating elements. This technical solution allows you to maximize the taste and significantly extend the life of the cartridge. The evaporator resistance is 1.3 ohms and 3.4 volts are fed to it.

If we talk about tightening in the Karat Pod Kit by Smoant, then it is tight enough that a fan of cigarette puffs will especially like. Activation occurs automatically – when tightening. Refilling the cartridge is as simple as possible – it is removed, turned over, two silicone plugs are lifted, and 2 ml of liquid is poured (it is advisable to use bottles with a thin metal spout, since the filling holes are small).

Conclusions and impressions

We can confidently say that the Karat Pod Kit by Smoant is an interesting device, not only for its design, but also for its performance characteristics. The device will not only calmly float liquids on salt nicotine, but also become an image element of the modern city dweller.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Relatively large size and weight;
  • Charging only current 0.5 A.


  • Original design;
  • Greater autonomy;
  • Sufficient cartridge volume;
  • Simple refueling;
  • The service life of the heating element is extended;
  • The ability to use lanyard for wearing around the neck or arm.

Smoant Karat costs $25.49

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