Kitchen Wall Clocks – Which Ones to Choose?

When it comes to your kitchen space, good kitchen wall clocks are just as important as cooking equipments and utensils. Other than helping you to keep track of time while cooking these improve your interior decor by lending a touch of personality and style. Find out which ones you should choose for your kitchen area.

Large clocks, for bigger spaces
If your kitchen has plain large walls, you can try using a large wall clock with bold fonts and numerals. Do you have dark kitchen cabinets made of wood? In that case, you can select an antique wall clock replication that can make your antiquated look complete. Wooden clocks look interesting and attract a lot of attention, which makes them a subject of appreciation and animated conversations. However, even while you go for larger clocks for your kitchen, do not choose grandfather clocks as these seem out of place in such spaces.

Kitchen Wall Clock

Choose vibrant colors
Who says kitchens are meant to be drab and dull places. Modern kitchens should be bright and fun, to inspire you to stay longer in the space and try out new recipes that satisfy the gustatory senses of your entire family. Look for clocks in cheerful, bright colors such as pink, olive green, bright yellow or sky blue. Make sure that the color of your kitchen wall clocks complements the color of your wall as well as most of your kitchen decor items.

Choose one in metal construction
Your kitchen is likely to be messy, with smoke, moisture and smell wafting around and spoiling the insides. Your best choice would be a round stainless steel clock that can last for long and be cleaned more easily than wood or plastic clocks. There are kitchen wall clocks available in chrome and ultra-modern black construction as well, which would possibly suit any type of kitchen out there. Get those that have a white dial with a convex glass cover and easy-wipe thermoplastic build.

Match or Contrast?
You have to consider whether you would like to get kitchen wall clocks that match the rest of your kitchen decor and items and accessories or would like to add a contrasting effect to the ambience. If you are unsure, any clock in plain style but vibrant color can do well inside. Make sure that the numerals are easy to read and the dials can conveniently be made out from even a distance. Black and white kitchen clocks can be appropriate for almost any type of color scheme.

Clock Style
Kitchen wall clocks can be found in various styles, such as Art Deco, Retro, Modern and Country. In some cases, the room colors might not have an impact on the style of clock that you choose to hang from the wall in your kitchen space. All these basically come down to which type of clock you plan to hand in the space. If your kitchen has hanging wall art, Art Deco can be a good option. Similarly, Retro Kitchen clocks are for those with a Diner style kitchen.

Art Deco Kitchen Wall Clock Resin Antler

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